What’s trending in web hosting in 2016?

The website is like the face of the company. The website can make or break the reputation of the company. Therefore, it is very important for the website to be impressive. It should make the customer stay there long and shop rather than be disappointed and move.


Here are the top trends in Australian web hosting in 2016

  1. More features than ever before:

The mantra of a successful web hosting company in Australia lies in providing full fledged service to the customer. It must be a ‘one stop shop for all the needs’ of the company. Providing technical support after hosting the portal and addressing security issues is a trend in web hosting. The customer will prefer a packaged deal. Thus it should provide from domain name registration to providing technical support.

  1. Affordability:

Affordability is definitely trending in 2016. Most Australian web hosting companies have slashed their cost to compete and sustain. Now the question of “how much more?” will take precedence over “how much for more?”

  1. Sky is the limit:

In 2016, “unlimited” is a top trend. Gone are the days when disk space, the number of POP accounts were limited and other services like customer support and back up were treated as add on. Today, the trend is towards unlimited space, any amount of data transfer and unlimited number of e mail accounts.

  1. King of one approach:

Niche web hosting is definitely trending in 2016. Today Australian businesses are becoming more specialized in their quest to become the best in their field. Such businesses are growing in number. This trend started in 2015 and will continue to trend throughout the year. There are some hosting companies that specialize in providing services that focus on one or some aspects of the customer’s business.

  1. Big players in the field:

Big names traditionally associated with online business are entering into web hosting. Since a lot of businesses are launching their websites, there is enough work for everyone. The customer has better choice and better quality at affordable rate. A case in hand is of Amazon.com which entered the web hosting business and is doing extremely well.

  1. Disaster management:

When a disaster affects any part of the world then the web hosting service provider in Australia should be able to provide technical assistance. A good idea is to host the website on multiple servers so that when one server is down the website can still be live on the other server.

  1. Viability of the website on mobile network:

Today more people access the internet through their mobile phone than from their desktop. It is a trend to have viability of the website on the mobile network.

  1. Data security threat is addressed:

The trend in 2016 is to address data security issues. Intellectual property is a very valuable asset to the company and therefore it requires to be addressed adequately.