Choosing Your Perfect Australian Web Hosting Provider

3392-website-hostingMany so called web hosting specialists in Australia will recommend you to use a certain approach when you ask them about choosing a web hosting company. They usually say that there’s a one size that fits all needs, and if you fall into this, you won’t even get the results that you’ve planned with your website.

As everyone knows, the web hosting provider is extremely important for getting the right type of access online, because they provide the server that keeps the data and they also make sure that people can find you online – keep your website active, with no downtime.

Here’s what you need to know when you want to choose an Australian web hosting service, easily explained. Though before we get into it, I do have to mention that instead of doing the research yourself, you can easily find lists for the best Australian web hosts out there, definitely this web hosting page does a great job!


You Need Clear Requirements

It doesn’t matter what stage you are – if you’re just choosing the web hosting provider for your new website, or if you’re trying to find someone else for your newer project – you’ll need to know exactly what you need from that provider. This will ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for in terms of satisfying needs and everything else. This being said, you’ll need to know about the platform that you’ll be using, the type of content that will be published, the approximate number of visitors that you think your website will get, the location of your visitors or if your visitors represent a targeted audience.

You’ll also need to know if the servers that you require should be geographically located in a certain place, or if you need some additional services, like email, managed hosting or offsite backup. The uptime is very important, so if you need it to be perfect, you’ll need an uptime that is 99.99%.

The Motives

If you want to change the web hosting provider to another host in Australia, you’ll need to have clear reasons. It’s not adequate to change the provider just because you don’t like their politics any more. However, you’ll have to take into consideration all those web-hosting1details that we’ve already spoken about – questions that you can answer by yourself regarding the services already provider, the uptime or anything else that you find relevant.

The Questions

Same as it goes for any other type of product or service, you’ll need to know what questions to ask, especially if you contact them over the phone or by email and you’ll get answers. You can’t ask what is their best web hosting package, because you’ll get an irrelevant answer. Consider all the details that we’ve already given and also answer your own questions truthfully – only this way will you be able to get a package that works best for your needs.

The Reviews

When you’re thinking of choosing a web hosting provider, also look for online reviews. It won’t take you long, and it will also give you a meaningful insight into what they are offering. People have the habit of sharing the negative experience that they’ve had with one service provider or another, so if you don’t like the reviews that you see, look for someone else.

An Australian company that works in this domain and doesn’t have reviews it’s better to be avoided, so make sure you get to choose someone only after you’ve made a little research on them.

hosting3Don’t Go for Celebrity Endorsement

As much as you’d like to think, those who advertise for one type of service or another rarely are actually using it. This being said, if you really want to know more about a certain web hosting service, you should look for more information about it, and not just because it’s presented by a certain person.

If you really want, you could contact the person and ask about more info regarding the web hosting – the page load timing, the delays that can appear, the downtime and so on.

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